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Provision Partners is a 501 (C)(3) non profit organization committed to seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world with a present focus on the country of Ecuador.  The Directors of Provision Partners have seen first hand the work of many dedicated pastors and lay people that are beginning evangelistic efforts in the country.  They have personally worked along side many of these people to help establish home bible study groups, but we need your help to do more.

Our Mission

Everyone Who Calls Upon The Name of The Lord Shall Be Saved

The people of Ecuador are very open to hearing God's word, but the resources necessary to sustain and support this effort are inadequate.  Many of the pastors and others we work with use personal funds to finance Church operating expenses.   This financial burden limits outreach.   Many times we see people accept Christ but then the Church does not have the resources, financial or through outreach volunteers, to follow up with these new Christians to ensure they continue to grow in the faith.  We are called not only to bring people to Christ but also help them along in their spiritual journey.  It is Provision Partners mission to see that no one accepts Christ and then is left without a support group and related Christian literature to strengthen them in the faith.

What We Can Do Together


This is where you can play an important role in what we do which is to provide bibles, bible study material, Christ centered marriage and family movies/literature, funding for minor Church related construction projects, and assisting with various misc Church related costs, etc.   We are also committed to assisting other evangelsitic organizations with funds from time to time.  Your generous donations can help in all of these areas.

You might also consider joining us on an upcoming mission trip or support us through your prayers.

What are we about


Where We Made An Impact This Past Year

  • Purchased laptop computers for outreach efforts in Ecuador
  • Paid off mission Church construction loan in Puyo, Ecuador
  • Supplemented interpreter wages for 2018 evangelism push 
  • Funded outreach costs for 2018 Church Easter services
  • Provided sound system for Church in Puyo, Ecuador 
  • Purchased Church remodeling materials

What We Are Doing Currently

  • Obtaining bibles, bible study material, etc for distribution to local Churches in Puyo, Ecuador in support of evangelism efforts in and around the region
  • Organizing a November, 2019 evangelism mission trip to Puyo
  • Raising funds to pay for evangelism leadership conferences in four provinces in Ecuador
  • Working on website content to better inform and inspire those that are working along side us

The Eternal Impact of What We Do - Nov, 2018 Mission Trip to Puyo, Ecuador

  1. Over 200 gospel presentations
  2. 68 professions of faith
  3. 6 houses of peace (home bible study groups)

Donate to Provision Partners

Your donation will help fund our mission.

 A Director of Provision Partners has personally worked along side each person and organization we fund. We only help those that are sincerely dedicated to evangelism efforts.  Every dollar donated will support this mission with the exception of minor costs associated with hosting our website and other incidentals.   

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